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Our School

Our Mission and Vision


Madison Elementary is a California Distinguished School dedicated to educating every student to his or her fullest potential by implementing a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.  We foster excitement and a love of learning. We develop the mind, body, and character of each individual. We include and value the input of the local community and recognize that teachers, students, staff, and families working together can achieve shared success.

Madison Elementary will generate 21st century learners who will guide their community with competence, creativity, and compassion. Their future contributions will direct the growth and maintenance of a thriving neighborhood.  Our vision will be realized by the development of these three principles: Mind, Body, and Character.   By highlighting these three principles we will encourage higher-level thinking, instill curiosity, develop personal and social awareness, shape future citizens, and create role models for a productive society.   Our two adages are Leading by Reading for our K-3 students, and Readers Are Leaders for the 4th-5th grade students.  The transition in the maxims exemplifies how the students will evolve from participation to ownership of their education. As we experience the influx of new students, any gap that exists between current and incoming students will be bridged by providing a rigorous standards-based curriculum, introduction and appreciation of the arts, and a foundation built on personal and social awareness.  As our students walk out of our doors, they will be prepared to value and adjust to the demands of a diverse and ever-changing society.   We are confident that through our philosophy, pedagogy, and preparation via professional development, the aforementioned will be accomplished.

A Distinguished California School
A Distinguished California School

Our Triad of Success