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About Madison

At Madison... We Learn, We Lead, We Inspire!


Madison Elementary is a Leader in Me school as well as a Gold Ribbon and California Distinguished School dedicated to educating every student to his or her fullest potential by implementing a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.  We foster leadership and the excitement and a love of learning. We develop the mind, body, and character of each individual. We include and value the input of the local community and recognize that teachers, students, staff, and families working together can achieve shared success.

In 2019 Madison began its journey becoming a Leader in Me school.  We began to incorporate the principals of effectiveness.  Responsibility, choice, accountability, initiative, and resourcefulness.  The Highly Effective Paradigm means:  

I am free to choose and am ultimately responsible for my happiness.  We have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen.

Today we continue our mission to develop future leaders and hope you join us in our mission.  If you are interested in having your child join us please call our main office and ask for more information. 

A California Distinguished School
A Distinguished California School

Madison is a leader in me School

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Our Triad of Success